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Our Services

The Bubble


BSHHP created the first true “bubble” for a major financial institution, managed individual teams during COVID-19 pandemic and brought arenas, corporations, professional sports leagues, and major large-scale events back safely during hiatus, designed and implemented growth strategies and performance plans for many major professional sport teams.  Leaders in women’s professional sports working with multiple teams establishing solutions to achieve equality and optimal performance in sport.


Strategic Partnerships

Our strategic partnerships allow us to bring the newest technologies to market in creating safe work and living spaces including, diagnostic testing and laboratory partners.

Who We Are

Thought Leaders &

Subject Matter Experts

Our consulting services focus on our clients' most critical issues and opportunities: people, health, and performance. Our core expertise enhances individuals, teams, and organizations through wellness, strategy, organization, operations, and regulatory affairs. We bring deep, functional expertise, and add value across the organization.

Our SME Areas Include:

1. Medical Doctors

2. Government Affairs & Lobbying

3. Behavioral & Mental Health

4. Organizational Behavior & Development

5. Virology & Microbiology

6. Infectious Disease

7. Public Health

8. Janitorial & Sanitization

Using Technology to Promote Infection-Controlled Living/Workspaces

Return to Work Planning & Healthy Work & Bubble Management

During the COVID-19 pandemic, our team has been facilitating the safe return of workforces to offices. Our team prioritizes human factors by creating systems uniquely tailored to individual organization, it’s people, and it’s authentic culture.

We Give Context to the Lab Results

To properly prepare and cultivate a successful return to face-to-face events, a meaningful plan and advisement strategy will be set in place. Our mitigation strategies have kept teams together, and shown a lower man-game lost percentage than others.


Recent Projects

Return to Work & Maintenance of Safe Work Environments

Corporate Sector

Safe Workplace


We work cooperatively with our established SMEs and partners to enable a corporate client to resume work in a remote, quarantined "Bubble™" environment. By following our guidelines and using our protocols, our client was able to resume business in a safe and effective manner. 

Return to Live Events



Our team has been instrumental in helping the first professional athletic event take place since the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted these events in the United States.


We provide easy to follow process and procedure instructions that are designed to make return to play an achievable goal.

Timely Testing & Sanitizing

All Sectors

Strategic Partnerships


Our subject matter experts have assisted in the hiring of  sanitization and infection mitigation consultants who bring proprietary products to the forefront of the organizational need. 

Our team has been instrumental in facilitating relationships between organizations who are in need of testing for their employees or athletes with accredited laboratories for timely testing and result reporting.

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal:

It is the courage to continue that counts.”

Winston Churchill

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