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Integrated Performance Services

Baker Street Health and Human Performance is fully committed to teaching individuals, corporations, professional teams, and event planners how to PERFORM OPTIMALLY and achieve sustainable EXCELLENCE with the highest regard to health, safety, and overall well-being.        

Lifting a Bike


Custom design strategies for growth and development, longevity, and optimizing potential in life and in sport.  Use proprietary methods for integrating physical and psychological health and well-being with skill development and goal attainment.            


For professional sports teams, corporations, and event planners; Use proprietary methods for organizational-wide (1) alignment, (2) goal setting, and (3) growth and development.  Identify people and design systems and processes to optimize organizational function and performance.        

Women Football Match
Business Meeting
Business Meeting


High performance coaching and advisory for executives, managers, and leadership teams who are committed to self-improvement and are serious about performance

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